Richard There - Are we not men?: Discography


The albums are available on Bandcamp. Here you can stream it or download it.

Less Is Less - 2014

If The World Calls, Please Leave A Message - 2011

Musical Rapes - 2011
Who touched my bones? EP - 2010
Future Come Back To Me - 2008

Other Releases that I take part:

Spielplatz der Bösewichte - Samples Of Human Feelings

Me and my friend Joewl Levis did a lovely album together in 2010.
Here is a great review on WTFMusic about it.

Apskaft Tribute to Daniel Johnston

Apskaft is a music and media colective that I take part. This is a tribute to the greatest singer-songwriter of our times - Daniel Johnston.
I did the first track on the album and I also the album cover.

This is an album with some colaborations that I did in different places. Most of them are people that I met in bars, internet cafes or at the street. We understood each other and I ask them if they would like to make a song with me. This songs are totally improvised. There´s much more of this songs in my recorder. I´ll keep uploading this album and maybe someday I´ll release it. For now you can hear it on
(download album on mediafire)

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