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Less is less - Vinyl Available for pre-order

Dear people,
I´m very happy to tell that my new album is ready and available for pre-order on vinyl now. It´s the first time I´m releasing a vinyl and this is very important for me. I´ll receive it on September and I´ll send it directly for the people who ordered it. There´s just 500 copies of it, every album will be numbered and of course I can make a draw or something special for everyone who pre-order it.
The price of it is 15 Euros inclusive shipping to any part of planet Earth. I believe that a standard price is fair, it doesn´t matter if you live in Germany, US or Samoa.
Here is a video we made for the release of the album.

And here you can order it.
(if you have some problem with the paypal button just make a transfer of the money to and send me an email with your address.) 

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