Richard There - Are we not men?: 2012

In Memory Of John Peel Show!!

I´m very happy that Silence Train got on number 2 of the Top 51 from In Memory Of John Peel show on Radio23.
Here you can hear the last show with the Top 17 and if you like to discover some new amazing music subscribe for this show on podomatic or itunes or some other place. I found great music there this end of year.

Album Cover

I made this new album cover for a strange eletronic music single from Ernest Drake with remixes by Bob Humid and Audio Pervert.  
Take a listen and download it from here

And soon it will come out as a special 7" colector release.

Lyrics and The Same

As requested I updated the album on bandcamp with all the lyrics.
Here you can see it.

And this is a video that I found from my first gig and the only time I played this song live.

Gig in Bonn - Sch(w)einkultur

For the people in Germany! I´ll play this saturday in Bonn. It´ll be a long night with other bands that I really like. So if you´re close to Bonn come over and join us!

Here is a link for the event on facebook:

And if you don´t have facebook here is the info: (in german)

Saturday, 07.07.12, 21:00 Uhr
Musikclub Session
Gerhard von Are Straße 4-6, 53111 Bonn

 Wir sind Schweine wir wollen eure Scheine!

Der zweite Teil unserer beliebten Sch(w)einkultur findet wieder am 1. Samstag Juli statt. Diese Mal sind die Stars des Abends die erstaunlichen


die zusammen mit uns,


die Sau rauslassen wollen.

Eröffnet wird das Ganze vom unbeschreiblichen, allroundtalentierten


Ausserdem bieten wir dieses Jahr auch EUCH die Chance, uns zu zeigen, wer von euch die coolste Sau ist, denn "Sch(w)einland sucht die SUPER-SAU", wir wollen euch auf der Bühne sehen! Ob ihr singt, jongliert, rezitiert oder irgendwas abartiges mit eurem Körper anstellt, meldet euch bei uns und performt vor unserer Jury mit der Chance auf den Titel!!

oh, und:
wer eine Schweinenase trägt kriegt ein Geschenk!

ALL COME SEE!!!!!!!!



Are We Not Men? #2

Dear people of the world! I´m very happy to present you my second comic book!
24 pages in color for you to feel.

the Randon Man
3 more comics of the serie Dialog Between
A new serie called People
and much more!!

And yes!! It´s buyable!!
For now just here:

The new comic book!
24 pages of feelings in colour!

Shipping to:
Comic Book

Comic Book

Comic Book

Comic Book

Comic Book

Comic Book

Poster for Colchester

This is the poster I made for the gig in Colchester. I´ll be playing there with John Callaghan and with local poets. It´ll be a very special night so if you´re close to Colchester come!
I have some great news about another gig in London but some things must be confirmed before.
I´ll write about it soon.

This poster is dedicated to Anders Nilsen who wrote an amazing comic book called Big Questions.
You can buy the book here and understand why this poster is dedicated to him.

If You Call Me

My friends, I´m re-releasing my first album now. Just a few friends heard this album until now. Take a listen on it, it´s everything a capella there!
Future Come Back To Me (on bandcamp)

I made this animation for one of the songs from the album.
Maybe I´ll do more videos for other songs.

If You Call Me

Show in Colchester, Essex - UK

Dear dear friends, I´m very excited to announce my first gig on the UK!! And playing in a night with some really good artists!! This are actually GREAT NEWS!!! If you´re close to Colchester come to this fantastic night!

Silence Train Music Video

My friends, I´m very happy to show you my first music video. My friend Brian Square has worked on it for a long time and it´s finally ready.  Thank´s, Brian, for your really awesome work. Brian did the video just using found footage, he always showed me fragments of the clip but he was always saying that he was still looking for some material. Now that the video is ready I understand the time it took. The video tells a whole story and it´s a story that wasn´t in my mind when I wrote the song. I´m surprised and glad.
Thank´s a lot, my friend!

So here is the video:
(if you like it, please share it with your friends - it´s the only way to spread it)


Richard There live at Cloud Chapel - São Paulo - Brazil
For my friend, Adriano, who was injured during this video!
Empty Bed

The Six Strings That Drew Blood

The year start with some good news.
First of all I´m doing my first show outside Germany.
It´s in São Paulo - Brazil with two very special bands from São Paulo - Palace Hotel and Semi-Solo.
If you´re here come to the show this Saturday (14/01) at 20:00.
The address is: 
Sede da Cloud Chapel - casa de rica, stan e pedro
Av Prof Alfonso Bovero 723 - porta vermelha

And the other good news will come very soon.
New places to play, new Are We Not Men and new album!!

Here is the poster I made for the show!

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