Richard There - Are we not men?: Mar 22, 2011

3 Album Covers

Here are 3 album covers that I made in the last time.

The first one is for It´s a marathon that we made there called Raped Marathon. The idea was to take songs that you like and rape them, make your own version of it.
There´s 3 songs of mine there. (Mechanical Flattery of Lydia Lunch, Raping the Witch which is a rape from Luna´s song Season of the Witch and Rape me a song rape of the Nirvana classic song Rape me).
The album will be released soon.

The second one I made for the new album of my friend Joewl Levis.
The album is already released and can be downloaded on Joewl Levis website.

The third album is the Daniel Johnston Tribute made by Apskaft. There is also a song that I made there, it´s my version of A little Story from Daniel Johnston.

I´ll put the links for the albums here as soon as I get it.

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