Richard There - Are we not men?: Feb 26, 2011

Buy Stuff

Some people asked me in the last time how to buy the printed comics. I was selling it until now just to the people who wrote me emails asking for it. Now I´m starting to use PayPal which I think is a very easy tool and a lot of people already has it.
So, now there is a link on the left side of the page called Buy Stuff and there´ll be the things that I have to sell. If you find my soul there don´t buy it, it doesn´t have much value!
Now it´s just the Are We Not Men? #1 there but next week I´ll have a very very special surprise!
I know I write seldom here (I just show my draws and go away), so now that I´m writing it´s a chance for me to say Thank´s for the people who react to the things I show here.

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