Richard There - Are we not men?: 12/01/2011 - 01/01/2012

Doesn't matter much

And here the end of the night with Palace Hotel on Azad´s Kiosk.

(...)I've lived a life so full of sin
Anywhere and anyhow
And every step I've ever made
Doesn't matter much right now

Sweet Jesus now I'm on my knees
Just waiting for thy law
This pain that finally ends right here
Doesn't matter much right now.

He´s not a man / In my dreams

Here started the chaos with Palace Hotel at Azad´s Kiosk. It´s a long video but I couldn´t make it shorter. Please take your time to watch it. There´re two songs here. He´s Not A Man comes from my first album "How many times I´ll have to die?" and the second song In My Dreams comes from the EP "Who touched my bones?"

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