Richard There - Are we not men?: Live at Orangerie Theater - Köln - Germany

Live at Orangerie Theater - Köln - Germany

Here is one video of last friday.
A new version for the Robots song from the last album.

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  1. Hello, It's Masha, we've met in Koln at the gig that this video is from. Thank you very much for the dvd -- I enjoyed it. I have two blogs now I interpret All and Solaris, do you copy. I'm going to start introducing artists that I meet and create a working network for people who work independently like yourself. I have posted this video on my blog, but want to ask if you'd like me to write about you. Let me know. Oh, my name is Maryia Padziarei, yeah, Masha is not my official but most preferred name -- for my friends and family. Let me know what you think.


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