Richard There - Are we not men?: 2011

Doesn't matter much

And here the end of the night with Palace Hotel on Azad´s Kiosk.

(...)I've lived a life so full of sin
Anywhere and anyhow
And every step I've ever made
Doesn't matter much right now

Sweet Jesus now I'm on my knees
Just waiting for thy law
This pain that finally ends right here
Doesn't matter much right now.

He´s not a man / In my dreams

Here started the chaos with Palace Hotel at Azad´s Kiosk. It´s a long video but I couldn´t make it shorter. Please take your time to watch it. There´re two songs here. He´s Not A Man comes from my first album "How many times I´ll have to die?" and the second song In My Dreams comes from the EP "Who touched my bones?"

Richard There with Palace Hotel live at Azad´s Kiosk

My friends, here I´ll put the videos from the gig with Palace Hotel on Azad´s Kiosk. There´s MUCH MORE to come. I just need a bit time to convert all the video files that I got in different formats... I´ll be uploading at least one new video everyday in the next days! So keep looking. The apocalypse will come soon!!

Call You Friend

Musical Rapes

My friends!! I putted my Musical Rapes together and made an album out of it. Most of the songs in the album were made for WTFMusic or inspired by WTFMusic friends!!

Nirvana, Lydia Lunch, Alien Sex Fiend, The Flaming Lips, Syd Barret, The Goodluck Boys, Daniel Johnston, Frank Sinatra, Donovan, Leonard Cohen and Luna !!! All together in a musical orgy with Richard There!! 

Review on Recent Music Heroes

Great review about my music on Recent Music Heroes which is for me the best blog about independent music of our times! I'm very happy to read this!
Recent Music Heroes - Richard There

Live at Azad´s Kiosk

My friends, here are two videos from the last show in Azad´s Kiosk.

Empty Bed

And the best song from this night!! An improvisation that just happened at the end!

Live at Orangerie Theater - Köln - Germany

Here is one video of last friday.
A new version for the Robots song from the last album.

WTFMusic - Raped Album

The Raped Marathon Album from WTFMusic is finally out!!! The idea of this marathon was to take some song from some band that you like (or don´t) and rape the song. It´s no cover song, it´s a Raped Song. For this marathon I made 3 songs.
I really recommend this cd!!

Here is the track list and the link for free download:

01 - Richard There - Rape me
02 - LFC - Born to Rape
03 - person918x - Barbie Girl (Aqua Rape)
04 - Gorilla Fantastico - Scorpions raped by shrimps
05 - Richard There - Lydia Lunch Mechanical Flattery RAPED
06 - Knarf - Richard there rape
07 - Perdido - Raping the Rapist
08 - Jeemobon - Sleazy raped in the afterlife by bypass filters
09 - Jeemobon - jeemobon self-rape riddle next round
10 - Zipperhacker - Thou Shalt Not Kill - jeemobon
11 - Person918x - Turn Back Time + Calling You (Aqua Rape)
12 - Onionpalac - RandroneEarthSun drumsandvocals
13 - Richard There - Season of the Witch - I RAPED this fucking bitch
14 - Jeemobon - Stuffing
15 - Person918x - Doctor Jones (Aqua Rape)
16 - LFC - WWW
17 - Perdido - Johnny Cash raped in hell
18 - Brian Square - The Star-Spangled Banner


Review about the new album

Here is a link for a review that I got from the new album.
It´s the best thing I ever readed about my music!
writed by Marcus Staniec and James Jeffery

Richard there - A little Story

The Daniel Johnston Tribute Album made by Apskaft is released.
It´s a beautiful album!! I´m pretty happy to have a song there!!
I also made the album cover!You can download the whole album here: there - A little Story by Richard There

3 Album Covers

Here are 3 album covers that I made in the last time.

The first one is for It´s a marathon that we made there called Raped Marathon. The idea was to take songs that you like and rape them, make your own version of it.
There´s 3 songs of mine there. (Mechanical Flattery of Lydia Lunch, Raping the Witch which is a rape from Luna´s song Season of the Witch and Rape me a song rape of the Nirvana classic song Rape me).
The album will be released soon.

The second one I made for the new album of my friend Joewl Levis.
The album is already released and can be downloaded on Joewl Levis website.

The third album is the Daniel Johnston Tribute made by Apskaft. There is also a song that I made there, it´s my version of A little Story from Daniel Johnston.

I´ll put the links for the albums here as soon as I get it.

For the people in Cologne - Germany

Good news for the people living in Cologne-Germany!
Now you can buy my new album and the comics on the two best record stores from Cologne!

A - Musik
Kleiner Griechenmarkt 28-30
50676 Köln

Parallel Schallplatten
Aachener Str. 5
50674 Köln

Tell your friends!! Spread the news!!

If the world calls, please leave a message

All right!! The new album is out!
Here you can hear it complete and also download it for free.
There´ll be soon a link to buy the physical copy of the album in the Buy Stuff section.
Feel free to share it and to comment it!
And you can see the whole booklet of the album under the player here with the songs!

Silence Train

Track from the new album "If the world calls, please leave a message" made together with Richard Almeida. Silence Train by Richard There

Buy Stuff

Some people asked me in the last time how to buy the printed comics. I was selling it until now just to the people who wrote me emails asking for it. Now I´m starting to use PayPal which I think is a very easy tool and a lot of people already has it.
So, now there is a link on the left side of the page called Buy Stuff and there´ll be the things that I have to sell. If you find my soul there don´t buy it, it doesn´t have much value!
Now it´s just the Are We Not Men? #1 there but next week I´ll have a very very special surprise!
I know I write seldom here (I just show my draws and go away), so now that I´m writing it´s a chance for me to say Thank´s for the people who react to the things I show here.

Richard There Live with band

And now I proudly present my band, Mark Daniel playing guitar and Parisa Hanna playing the melodica, keyboard and singing!! (and sometimes drums!)

Richard There Live Here - 02.02.2010 - Cat in my head / Empty Bed / You should go on

For my friends that couldn´t be Here on my first apparition. These are the first 3 songs of the show.

Are we not men? #1 Printed

Oh, my friends, I´m pretty happy today!! I just received the prints of my first official comic book!!! 24 pages of feelings!! I´ll read it everyday in my bathroom!!

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