Richard There - Are we not men?: Suicide



  1. I recommend SLEEP! Permits a person to switch their brain off temporarily and resume their life many hours later. There's no need to be melodramatic about it. Just get some kip.

  2. Suicide is no drama, my friend. I recommend you to taste that, you´re going to see it´s much better and effective then sleep.

  3. No one has ever told me before that I should commit suicide. I can only reply that I have always enjoyed living and that I intend to go on enjoying my life for as long as the gods allow me. I've had 57 years of good life and hope to get at least another 57 years in before they make me shuffle off this mortal coil.

  4. I´m almost sure that you already commit suicide or at least that you died in this 57 years, Peter. It´s hard to live just one life in such a long time.
    But I just can talk about myself and I´m happy that I already died 3 times. And one of them was a suicide.

  5. I can only imagine that the word "suicide" must have some other meaning which is unknown to me. I tend to be slightly autistic/asperger's or some such condition, so I often don't "get" what other people are talking about. Clearly you are not referring to the actual physical death of the human body. However I'm too stupid to figure out what you you mean by it. I think it must be one of those "nudge nudge, wink wink" meanings which I seldom understand.

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  7. já me matei faz muito tempo
    me matei quando o tempo era escasso
    e o que havia entre o tempo e o espaço
    era o de sempre
    nunca mesmo o sempre passo

    morrer faz bem à vista e ao baço
    melhora o ritmo do pulso
    e clareia a alma

    morrer de vez em quando
    é a única coisa que me acalma

    Paulo Leminski


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