Richard There - Are we not men?: 05/01/2010 - 06/01/2010

Spielplatz der Bösewichte - Samples of human feelings

More music!
Spielplatz der Bösewichte is Joewl Levis and me, and Samples of Human Feelings is our first album.
You can download it here:
or also inösewichte

It all started at the local supermarket, much like you would have near you. But it is here that Joewl Levis and Richard There would first meet. It was early in the morning so Richard was still in his pyjamas, Joewl was in his ever fashionable King Gee Green full sleeve overalls. Richard was sent to the supermarket by his lady friend to buy her some sanitary napkins. But being “there”now he could not help but browse the isles. Joewl was there to stock up on cotton balls, lighter fluid and cream cheese. It was just a matter of time that these 2 would meet. They first caught a glimpse of each over in the fruit and vegetable section of the supermarket, but it was not until they traveled the first isle in opposite directions that they would really notice each other when they passed each other in the center.A tiny smile was exchanged which grew larger with each isle. It was not until they reached the toys in the 6th isle that they stopped in front of each other and started smiling with there eyes. They both turned and looked at the selection of toys directly beside them and simultaneously yelled, “Fucking Rag Dolls!” They exchanged phone numbers and started to call each other to sing on the phone. With in time they decided that they should record these songs for the general public, as they were so damn good for their public to miss out on. And here has become what is to be known as Spielplatz der Bösewichte. Its what this world has been waiting for. Its what this world needs.
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